Costa Rica

I just wanted to share a few photos from our trip to Costa Rica just before the holidays. It was a lot of fun, but I was also happy to get back to what is familiar to me. We are very blessed to live where we live and equally as blessed to be able to go explore where other people live. 

Bell's Home Hospitality. Best B&B in San Jose. Thanks, Dona Marcela & Milagros

Dona Marcela & Milagro were so great we actually came back and stayed another night on our way back home.


Next Stop was downtown San Jose. We rode the bus to get there and everyone is really kind.

After San Jose, we hoped on a little plane headed south to the Osa Peninsula. It was a REALLY little plane. It was only us and two other passengers on the whole plane. So of course we thought we should probably take a family Selfie since it may NEVER happen again. Honestly, I came very close to throwing up, but managed to keep it together long enough till we landed...

We landed safely in Bahjia Drake, on a runway made of gravel. I thought the airport there was really awesome. 

Tyla thought the little girl who worked at the airport with her mom selling cold drinks (absolutely necessary) was pretty fun.  We had a taxi ride waiting for us at the airport, but it was actually not the kind of taxi you are probably thinking of.

Video compliments of my husband

 I couldnt get a picture of the outside but basically as you can tell by the picture of the inside it was a early 1980's 4-wheel drive 4-runner, I think. We drove through rivers and up and down hills and mountains. It was pretty crazy. Tyla's first time seeing the beach, and she loved the little sand crabs.

It took us about 30-40 minutes of off roading ( I will just call it that because it was nothing like regular driving) to get to where we stayed for most of our trip. Casa Pequena. It is soo humid there and we were all rather hot and sweaty so once we were shown our cabin, we basically just tried to cool off as much as possible (which wasn't much since there was no ac, or fans). 

We had "pipa" (coconut milk) pretty much everyday. I dont normally like it in the states but when its right from the coconut, its amazing! There were random flowers growing on almost every plant. Everything is sooo green. I actually made a flower crown from the flowers for a shoot we did later. We woke up one morning to the little monkey's climbing through the tree's and across the yard.

We did a lot of hiking both on the beaches and off. We were about a 45 minute hike to the closest beach.  

We were able to canoe up a fresh water river and see some cool animals as well as some really pretty waterfalls. This was probably my favorite part of the trip. Gabriel was our river guide and he was soo wonderful with Tyla! She actually fell asleep as we were playing in the waterfalls.

We learned how to make home made chocolate balls straight from the coco bean.

Oookay, this blog post is getting way too long. The rest of the trip summed up in photos... We did our own family photos on the beach, saw dolphins, swam at coco island, watched a lighting storm in the jungle, found a scorpion in the kitchen, listened to the oldest marimba maker in Costa Rica, and went to see the LDS temple in San Jose. Over all, I would say it was a pretty good trip :)