Valentines Day Banner

Shabby Chic, Rustic, Country Valentine Banner

Shabby Chic, Rustic, Country Valentine Banner

I had a few little sessions scheduled right before valentines day and I panicked a little bit because I dont normally do indoor sessions. For a few reasons... Lighting (Which is the KEY to great photos) props, and a studio. All of which are lacking when I shoot indoors. I took the challenge to change all of the things I was lacking. I am a little ashamed to say I turned to Pintrest for some inspiration, but it worked great so, whatev. Judge if you want.  I wanted to share what I made with everyone because it was so easy, fun, and it actually turned out cute!! 

I used a cereal box for the brown letter flags. I just traced the pattern, cute the shapes out and then painted the letters with regular wood paint. The lace, string, and material are all left over crafting supplies I had in a box. I only used a hot glue gun to stick them all together. It has double purpose too because I used it as a prop and a decoration in my house, and I didn't even have to buy anything to make it!  The little heart below that this handsome guys is holding is  made out of paper mache streamers, and a cereal box as well.  They were super easy! Try it!

The other things I that I am lacking in (Light, and a studio) will be blogged about soon. Stay Tuned!

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