Olivia Faith {Logan Utah Newborn Photographer}

Meet Olivia Faith. Olivia's Family has been waiting for her arrival for quite some time. They always new there would be one more girl in the family, but they didnt really know when or how. After much prayer, and lots of faith, they found out she would be coming by adoption and she would be arriving in 5 weeks!! Mom said, "Adoption is ❤, 5 weeks is way to short of time to be ready for a baby." She was way ready and way excited, but yes, getting ready for a baby in 5 weeks is pretty stressful when its not adoption, but just as much when it is. There are home visits, and lawyers and lots of paperwork that need to be finished before baby can go home. They were able to finish it all though, and Olivia arrived happy and healthy. She was perfect for her session. Look at all of the smiles she has. And her cute squishy face is so adorable!