Edwards Family {Malad Idaho Family Photographer}

I had no idea they were going to be wearing red in yellow, but felt impressed to find a place a little different than my normal nature type scenery. The locations we picked were near where they lived and it matched their outfits perfectly. This year was definitely a milestone for their little family. Justin and Lindsey started dating while he was at ISU and she was at BYUI, they had met a few years before at a roping and had a mutual friend kind of set it all up. They were married 1 year later and she was pregnant 3 months later. They never thought that would be their story but "we are so happy that it is."  They moved around a bit and have settled in Malad.  This October they have been married 10 years and time is flying by for them.

All 3 kiddos were a dream to photograph and so sweet and kind with each other. Its always fun to watch families and children interact with each other, and these guys are such great examples of a happy family.