Styled photo session {Logan Utah Bridal Formal Session}

I had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing photographers and vendors for a Winter Wedding Stylized Shoot. I already blogged about one of the couples we were able to shoot, Check it out here.  I saved this one for last because I have something to admit, and for a photographer its kind of a big deal. 

I know you all have seen styled shoots done before. Its a great networking tool for everyone involved. Its great for trying new techniques, and styles, great for building portfolios, and building friendships and relationships. I personally love doing them. It allows me to be totally creative from beginning to end. There is one little problem I have with them though... 

They are not REAL!?

Some photographers like to use styled shoots as a way to attract a very specific type of client. Usually that is a client who values photography, and is willing to pay for it. I get it, and I am in no way bashing those photographers and vendors. 

Most styled shoots use brand new expensive dresses and tux's. Every Vendor provides something for the shoot and honestly, it can be soo expensive for everyone involved. 

The models are usually chosen for a certain look as well. This couple is so great! They have been together for a very long time, but they aren't married, or even engaged. In the photos it totally looks like they are though right!? This leads me to think, who is going to think these two ran off and eloped when these photos get out?

I am sure you all read about the famous social media celebrity who quit social media cold turkey because it "was not real", if you didnt, you can read about it here. I would like to be totally honest with my audience and admit something else because TRUTH is huge in my book!

Everything this beautiful couple is wearing came from a thrift store. Deseret Industries to be exact. Well, everything except the bow tie, and tie. Those were hand made by Carly from Mustard and Sage.

So to those who think you cant plan a gorgeous wedding on a budget, or get pretty photos unless you have the newest most expensive and popular items for your wedding. Thats not real.

You can, and lets be honest thrifting is fun. Its so much more fun to find a good deal and be creative than paying lots of money for someone else to tell you what you want.

Thank you to everyone who helped this come together. It was a blast capturing everyones creative talents in one place. 

Be Beautiful. Be Real. Be Humble. Be Kind

HMUA: Tiffany Johnson Hair + Makeup

Accessories & Cake: Carly Anderson, Mustard & Sage

Models: Billie Gamble & Dustin Redmond

Cake Floral: The Flower Grotto

Thanks for the behind the scenes shot Cait! Photos by Cait