Dallas & Stephanie {East Idaho Engagement Photographer}

I had Dallas and Stephanie tell me the story of how they met, and usually I try to re-tell you the story, but I think this one would be best in their own words. I am super excited to shoot their wedding in a few months. :)

"A guy that I used to work with, works with Dallas now. He had tried to set Dallas up a few times, but Dallas was not interested. Because of this, the guy gave Dallas' number to me, knowing that Dallas was not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship. So I figured, "what the heck?" and sent him a text. We texted the whole day and that night, he asked if we could get together to go on a date. I thought he meant in a week or so, but because of his schedule, he actually meant the very next night. So we went to the woods and walked around and talked and had a picnic. Since I didn't know this guy, I allowed my overactive imagination to get away from me and was sure that this guy was going to murder me and leave my body there. But he did not. :) He says that after that first date, he knew he wanted to see me again and asked me out. And from then on, he was very persistent in continuing to ask me out and eventually pursue a serious relationship with me. Since then, we've had some ups and downs, but have worked our way through them, and continue to work through them. We have been dating since May of 2015 and chose June 9th to get married because it is exactly two weeks after his birthday, and two weeks before mine. We're really boring. We don't have a lot of fun and exciting adventures and we like it that way. When Dallas was buying the ring, he leaned over to me in the line and said, "You're getting this tomorrow at dinner." So I knew it was coming. (We had pretty much been engaged for a month or so before this. We had talked about it and had started planning the wedding and knew what the date would be.) So the next night, after Sunday dinner, with a lot of our family around, Dallas turned to me and said, "It's time to distribute some hardware." And he went over and got the ring out of his wallet and came and stood in front of me. I made him get down on his knee and then he asked me to marry him. And now we're engaged. "

- Stephanie

"I first came to love Stephanie for her ability to make me laugh. They say a woman looks for a sense of humor in a man, well we do the same thing. So while we may be boring together, we laugh quite a bit. As time went on and my feelings deepened, I knew that there would be a point where she asked me how I personally felt toward her. Although I had prepared, when that time came, I still stuttered and stumbled my way through it. I wasn't sure how she felt about me and was afraid she didn't feel the same. However, even though I didn't know her feelings, I continued to pursue her. Over time, we have grown closer and and continue to work towards a temple marriage. When I wanted to tell her I loved her for the first time, I still didn't know how she felt. So I tried to tell her, but I hesitated for a long time. Somehow she knew what I was thinking about saying and said, "I love you too." After that I was able to tell her I loved her. I try to show my love for her through my actions daily, because to me romance should be a daily thing in a relationship."