Kendra & Kaitlyn {Grantsville Utah Senior Photography}

Guys! I was so blessed to be able to take these sweet and totally awesome sisters senior photos!! I LOVE these girls and their family! Kaitlyn and Kendra are twins, obviously. Kaitlyn is older than Kendra, but everyone always thinks that Kendra is the older one. They had some great ideas and locations for photos since we did them in Grantsville and I am not super familiar with the area. Their mom did a great job location spotting for us. She picked places that match my style and it was PERFECT! Well, minus the bugs. ;) We still had a great time though! 

Kaitlyn is the Senior Class President at Grantsville High school, and captain of the girls' varsity golf team, she loves family and my friends, and plans to attend Utah Valley University in the fall. She loves the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and she centers her life around it. She also enjoys reading and spending time outside!

Kendra is the Student Body Vice President at Grantsville High School. She enjoys running, hiking, exploring, learning new things, watching movies, spending time with friends and family, trying new foods, and listening to all kinds of music! ... Except rap. She HATES rap. She has a passion for American Sign Language and for service! If she could do anything, it would be to travel around the world teaching English and Sign Language to children in 3rd world countries. She can play the clarinet, saxophone, and trumpet, but she is best at trumpet.

Kaitlyn plans to attend Utah Valley University as an ambassador, and Kendra is planning to attend Brigham Young University. 

Good Luck Girls! I had a blast with you! Thanks for letting me take your photos!