Baby Tank {Southeast Idaho Newborn Photographer}

This little guy has a story! I usually ask moms to send me their birth story when I book the newborn session, but Tank's mom said it would take too long to type it all. Like 45 minutes long. So, I just had her tell me it while we were doing the newborn session.  

Megan had actually planned on doing maternity pictures, but because of her water breaking at 34 weeks (the week before we had them scheduled) those didnt happen. I was pretty bummed about it, but also excited for Megan to meet her little man. :) Her and Daddy were on vacation in Provo Utah, about 4 hours from home when it happened and they tried to go to a local hospital, but then ended up driving back home to Pocatello Idaho and made it in time to get some steroid shots before baby came. 

Baby Tank was born at Portnuef Medical Center and then placed in the NICU for about a month. He weighed 5 pounds 11 ounces when he went in, and was 9 pounds when he came out. Thats pretty awesome! 

About a week after Tank was born, Momma came down with a fever, which led to more surgeries and her being placed in the ICU for sepsis. So, Mom and baby are both in ICU's in the same hospital but not able to be with one another. Momma was a trooper though and made it out, and the last time she went to the hospital, she was able to bring baby Tank home! Both are happy and healthy now! YAY!