Curlew Valley Rodeo/ Stone Rodeo {Idaho Rodeo Photographer}

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the 65th Annual Curlew Valley Rodeo. We go here every year, and guys... if you want to see a real rodeo, this is the one. Really. It does not disappoint. EVER! I think you can trust my judgement on this one. I have been to probably 10,000 rodeos in my life time. Just go, you wont regret it. The hamburger stand sells real hamburgers. The kind with beef that is from a real cow. It even has real tomatoes and cheese on it. Its not a fancy rodeo like a PRCA rodeo, and you should plan on having a little dirt get blown on you, but its worth it. PRCA rodeo's are kinda boring compared to this one. The crowd is better there than any other rodeo I have been to in the last 5-10 years, easily. Actually, go early or it may be hard to find a seat. There is usually a line of cars waiting to get in if you show up on time. Its like a family thing out there. Everyone is taking care of everyone and cheering everyone on, and they have been doing it for 65 years!  

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