Baby Isabelle {Logan Utah Newborn Photographer}

Meet Baby Isabelle. She looked like a doll. Really. I kept thinking, "She doesn't even look real." It looked like I was using a doll for the photos. Mom, Dad and favorite aunt came to the photos with baby Isabelle. They were so fun to chat with during the session and I could tell they are SOOO excited to have this little one here. She came a little early, but despite not quite having everything ready for her, Mom and Dad are totally ready to be her parents! Mom told baby Isabelle's birth story as follows,  "We were in salt lake for a wedding. I started contracting so my husband and I drove as fast as we could to Logan. We got to the hospital and they told me I was staying. I had her the next afternoon around noon. It was very beautiful to see my girl be born. She is so special to us!"  She weighed 6lbs 13 oz, and was about 2 weeks early. I know I say this in pretty much all of my posts, but it was a perfect session again! I am so happy I was able to meet miss Isabelle and her family!