Family Vacation to Island Park, Idaho {Personal Post}

My side of the family has a cabin in Island Park, Idaho. My great Grandpa purchased it a really long time ago as a "get-a-way from the city" spot. It was where he would go to fish, and relax, and just be away from the hustle and bustle of living in Utah. Since he has passed away, it has stayed in the family and I think all of us use it as a get away from something somewhere spot. 

We have been coming here since we were babies and we look forward to going every year. Usually we do a lot of fishing, and a little relaxing. This year we did the usual trip to Johnny Sack's Cabin and then played around the cabin as well. There was lots of fishing, as you can tell, and Tyla had a small photoshoot with mom, and Dad helped her shoot a BB gun for the first time. 

We tried out the Firehole Swim spot in Yellowstone Park for the first time ever. We will probably do that one again. I post a video of Bill jumping off one of the cliffs at the bottom of this post.