Beginner Photographer Class Part 1 -Family Session {Malad Idaho Family Photographer}

Last Wednesday I was able to teach a beginner photographer class in Malad. I had about 6 people come for the class and other than it being really hot in the building we were in, everything went well. We covered the basics of exposure and composition, and post production, after which we headed out to take some photos! We started with this cute little family. I just want to say thanks to Lacey and Kooper for fitting time into their schedules to come model for us on short notice. You guys did awesome! The location for the session was about 4 miles out of Malad on a clients farm. Actually now that I am thinking about how this all came together, I had a TON of little blessings happen within two days for this to work out. The building I rented in town for the class is an older building, and it doesnt get used a ton so the owner said I would just have to clean it to use it. Then when I showed up to clean it, he had already cleaned it and said I didnt owe him anymore. Seriously the sweetest guy! Then to top it off, my older sister and my best friend drove into town to help me clean and set up. I was sooo grateful. It was fun spending time with them! I had just enough time to run home and shower, and take my daughter to have Grandma watch her before I had to be at the class. She was a life saver as well. Then after the class, I even had help cleaning up. Thanks to Pat, Kolton, Billie and Jeanette for staying out late. Also, thanks to Kimber Artistry for doing makeup on both Kassy and Billie. They looked great. I will be blogging the other models on separate blogs. Stay Tuned!