Winston & Abigail {Stansbury Park Utah Clubhouse Wedding Photographer}

I love Abbie and Winston's love story. Winston's sister Jenn and Abigail had lots of connections with work, friends, etc.. but never met one another. While Jenn was on her mission in Peru she met Abigail's best friend Morgan who was also serving there. At that time Abigail had accepted a work contract in Japan where Jenn had previously worked and Abbie got in contact with her to ask questions about the job. They became fast friends and her brother Winston got in contact with Abbie as well though she thought that was a little strange. A few months later, Abbie arrived in Tokyo and Winston and her became friends through casual but fairly consistent communication. Few months after that Jenn was returning from her mission and her and Winston were considering visiting Japan (they were both born there too) and Abbie told them they were welcome to stay with her. Somehow all of the plans worked out, she got a few days off work, they made it to Japan last November, she met the two for the first time in person and it was Abbie's favorite week in Tokyo. During their romantic week in Tokyo, Winston and Abbie decided they wanted to date and then began their long distance relationship. Winston spent the spring semester studying in Jerusalem and Abbie finished her work contract and after months of poor internet connections and a few very delayed letters, they both returned to the states in April. From there they continued dating and became engaged in June! 

Thanks Abbie and Winston! I enjoyed being able to share in part of your wedding day! 

Place: Stansbury Park Clubhouse

Catering: Bruges Waffles & Frites

Gown: The Brides' Shop in SLC 

Decorators: Kathy Ford, Melissa Chalmers, and Julie Williams 

Coordinator: Melanie Taylor from Wedding Street 

Florist: Tamara Rasmussen (bouquet & wedding party)