Spot Snowboarding

Over the Christmas break, my husband and I went to Idaho to spend some time with my sister and brother in law. As you will see below, they and their friends are pretty talented snowboarders. I only do the powder runs, but everyone else did the jumps and crazy tricks. I will just stick to the stuff I am good at for now. My husband actually took some of the photos of the big jumps. Turns out he is pretty handy with a camera as well as jumping off homemade snow jumps. Now that there is about 4 more feet of snow, we will probably go again soon. (Hint... Hint Abbie ;)  My brother in law Andy actually designs snowboards for Humanity snowboards and well, they are pretty awesome at helping you do cool things when you ride them. 

Check out each of their Youtube highlight videos:

Abbie Berg

Andy Berg

Cleide Francom

Shay Francom

Rick Berg