Thank YOU!!

I sincerely want to thank each and everyone of the people who supported me this last year. It has been the most successful year in the photography I have ever had. Not just from a business/money perspective though. I really built some great relationships with clients. They have continued to support me every year and also send their friends and family to me. It means SOOO much to have someone put their trust in my creative ability, and it is so hard for me to turn people away when I am completely booked. I also want to thank those who support me behind the scenes. There are so many kind people who are encouraging and kind, but my husband is really the muscle behind the show. I cant do it with out him.  This business of mine is really stressful at times, and its a great thing, but it means so much to have clients who respect and value my work. Its one thing to say with words that you love my work, but its another type of appreciation when you are willing to pay for it. Thats when I really start to believe those who say they love my work, and I cant thank those clients enough!! Photography is a tricky business these days and its one that is hard to be successful at, so I am giving thanks to all of you, as well as my family and my creator, who have blessed me with so much this past year. 

Thank You!!!