Baby Lucy {Logan Utah Newborn Photographer}

She is perfect and so snuggly. She has great smiles already. Here is her birth story as told by her mom... 

"We had our regular 38 week appointment on Thursday and my doctor stripped my membranes. I went on a few really long walks that afternoon and by evening was having pretty consistent contractions. Around 12:00 AM they were about 5 minutes apart, and though they weren't super painful they were consistent enough that I felt like we should go in. We got to Logan Rengional hospital about 1 o'clock and they said I was at a 3 and they'd check me again in an hour, when they did I was a 4 so they said it was the real deal and admitted me. They checked me again at 4 and there was no change, so they started me on pitocin, which definitely started to speed up my contractions. Just before 7, I was at a 6 and my doctor came and broke my water. They told me  my contractions would start to hurt a lot more and that if I wanted an epidural I needed to tell them soon because the anesthesiologist was going into a surgery from 7:30-8:30 and wouldn't be able to do it. I told them I would let them know, at about 7:10 I had the first contraction after they broke my water and decided I definitely wanted that epidural, so I called down and they said I had just missed him but that'd it only be an hour and they could give me so pain medication through my IV until he came back. They gave me the medicine and it worked wonderfully for about 30 minutes then they started to hurt really bad again. At 8:30 the nurse came in and said they'd had some problems with the surgery so he'd be a few minutes longer, and gave me another dose of the IV medication. 9 o'clock came and went and then at 9:20 ish she said he was finally out of surgery and just needed to adjust someone's epidural and then he'd be in. I seriously thought I was going to die, but I didn't and the epidural worked beautifully. By 11:30 I was at an 8 and at 3:00 I was ready to start pushing. Lucy entered the world at 5:22 PM, about 24 hours after my contractions started. She weighed 7 lbs 9.5 oz and was 20" long. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and both Ryan and I were in tears by the time they laid her on my chest."

Um, yes, epidurals are great when you feel like you are in dying pain. She is so cute! Great job Mom and Dad, and thank you for letting me capture her first photo session.