Baby Boy Eames Newborns {Logan Newborn Photographer}

I think Baylor’s parents have a top-notch future hunter on their hands! When sweet Baylor entered the world, his mom was not ready. Kiley was only 37 weeks, and went to the hospital thinking she had the flu. Spoiler alert: it was not the flu. Kiley was admitted on the spot. After a full 24 hours of labor, Baylor joined the Eames family. Due to her unexpected labor, Kiley had to go to the hospital a little unprepared, but she had everything we needed for Baylor’s newborn shoot. You might think that Baylor’s early arrival would leave Kiley floundering to get ready for his newborn session, but you’d be wrong! After doing this shoot with her, I can tell you that Kiley is already ROCKING motherhood. Some of my favorite newborn sessions incorporate mom and dad’s personalities, and Baylor’s parents pulled out all the stops. Mom brought lots of props that reflect their family’s love of hunting. After this session, I’ve got a feeling this boy’s going to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors! Baylor fits right in, doesn’t he? My absolute favorite piece was the huge horns. There were so many cool ways to arrange them. I took WAY too many photos of this cute boy with those horns! I was so happy we decided to do an indoor session. I didn’t have to worry about weather or lighting, I just got to focus on Baylor and all those great details. Even though it’s summer time here in Cache Valley, we got an amazing winter-woodsy vibe from this newborn shoot. I love being a Logan Newborn Photographer!