Plaid Newborn Girl Session {Newborn Photography}

I loved loved loved the plaid that Mom brought for baby girls session. I also adored the colors they picked to wear, and on top of that I am super jealous of how gorgeous her mama's hair is! I am super happy to be able to share this birth session because of how real and raw it is. I know most every birth session I post is all sunshine and happy vibes, but for a lot of women, myself included, its not always just happiness. There is a lot of pain, mentally and physically, that is unexpected and sometimes lasts a lot longer than expected. Please read her birth story and then check out the links below to find out more.

"Labor and delivery was the hardest, perhaps the most traumatic thing I've ever experienced. I went into labor Wed night and delivered Vienna Friday at 6:45 pm. I planned on preparing using Hypnobabies in the hospital to take advantage of all of God's good gifts, and I am extremely grateful I chose to be in the hospital. I was up Wed night/Thurs morning early with contractions that kept me awake/gave me pause, and they came every 5 minutes, only to slow later on. I had my 38 week appointment Thurs and my Dr hoped to see me in delivery later that day. Since my contractions weren't consistent, Brady and I went to Olive Garden for date night, since we'd like be having a baby the next day. I woke up around 3:30 am Fri morning with incredibly painful, 90 second contractions. Hypnobabies was hardly helpful, and I didn't use it very much, though Brady did use his peace cues and things we'd practiced and he helped me through things. I love him beyond expression; he is the perfect match for me, regardless of his imperfections. We got ready and entered the hospital at 10:30, I was a 4 and 100% effaced. I had my Dr break my water to hurry my labor along since I'd been in so much pain already. I decided I wanted to be happy and asked for an epidural, with no regrets whatsoever. I got my epidural around 6 cm, and got pushing after some time (??) passed and I was a 10. I pushed for 2 hours and my epidural either wasn't working well, or it's just painful at the end, but I've Never felt anything like that in my life. My ribs hurt from pushing so long. I was so happy to see my Dr. She started talking about vacuums and such when she arrived, since Vienna had had some oxygen issues (they put me on oxygen to help her) and I had been pushing for a while. I did Not want those interventions and I gave all I had for twice as long as I anticipated. Finally she was born, they laid on my abdomen and noticed her breathing was odd, so she was taken to the NICU where she stayed until Sunday night. I was exhausted beyond belief and bombarded with all kinds of emotions. My postpartum baby blues were filled with despair and panic and lots and lots of crying. My story and experience aren't those that are celebrated and posted online for others to read, and I've had an incredibly difficult time of it, but thankfully my baby blues period didn't turn into depression or increased anxiety (which I already have to begin with). That being said, my husband took incredible care of me, as did my mom who was there for delivery and some days afterwards. Vienna is such a sweet, cute, lovely, adorable baby and we love her so much. She was on oxygen for about the first 3 weeks of life, and now is off so we can do things with her and that includes picture taking!"

To be honest guys, this story warms my heart. I love when we are brave enough to share our hard things with others. I have never experienced post partum depression, but I know its real, and its a different kind of hard than I think many of us can even imagine.

To anyone who wonders if they may have symptoms of it, please reach out for help. One of my previous clients started a blog about living with post partum depression, and she has some wonderful information about where to find the support to learn more.

Click below to find her blog:

My Postpartum Life