Catching up on my life {Personal Post}

Its been awhile since I posted anything about my life. Not that any of you care to hear it, but I like to have it documented somewhere since I no longer stay up writing in my Journal for hours like I did when I was young. Plus when I put it on here I can add pictures easier than drawing them in my journal. (tired that once, it was awful) 

First, Tyla turned 2 in May. The first photos I shot with only film, so lucky for me, they weren't totally blown out. I am kind of a newbie at film shooting. 

Tyla loves boats, swimming,ice cream, basketball, movies, popcorn, the Blue Truck,  and her 3 babies (which she named , Moana, Maui and Maggie). She also likes to run around naked several times in a day. She is almost potty trained!!! 

She is talking in English mostly, but also Spanish as well. She tells me, "I need it right now!" when I tell her she can't have something. Another one liner we laugh at is when she says, "I mad right now!". The sass is getting stronger as she gets a little more independent and vocal, but then at night when she says a bedtime prayer, and I lay her in bed and we say our "I am" statements, I can handle the sass because its all worth it to hear her say, "I am brave! I am Kind! I am Smart! I am a Daughter of God! Jesus loves me!....Sometimes she says them over and over again so that she doesn't have to go to bed, and  then tell her I love her, and she says so softly and sweet, "I lub you mama". I LIVE for that moment! 

Shortly after she was born I remember telling my Husband that I felt like it was important for us to always be the ones to put her into bed. I never really knew why I felt that way until now. Its because parents are not replaceable, but more importantly, I need to have that moment to see the eternal perspective in my calling as a mother. It probably could also have a little to do with my small dislike/fear of falling asleep knowing someone is there and then waking up and they are gone. Its weird I know, but it is important to me for some reason.

She is an amazingly smart little lady and I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father trusted us with such a perfectly imperfect little daughter of his!

We haven't had family pictures since Tyla was 6 months old. Dont judge. I am like the mechanic that doesn't work on his own car, ok, not true. I take photos all the time, just not formal ones like these. Anyway, when I found a Lavender patch in Logan, I called the owner and asked if we could come check it out and get a few photos while we were there. She said yes, so then I just had to find a photographer on short notice. My super cool photographer friend Calli Richards came with us, and took some photos, and let me edit them. Seriously, think the world of her! Good friends are so important! One of my young women girls, also took a few shot of Tyla and I at the bottom.

And last, but not least (because summer isn't over yet), here are photos from some of our summer adventures thus far. Boating, Island Park, Yellowstone, and lots of other water activities. Enjoy the video of the 4th of July activities.