Baby Tucker Newborn Boy Session {Station Studio Newborn Session, Logan Utah Newborn Photographer}

Baby Tucker is the cutest little guy around. Mom and Dad are basically perfect at the parenting thing already! When they emailed me and wanted newborn posed photos as well as natural family photos, I decided to book Station Studio in River Heights. Its such a great place for indoor family and newborn photos.

Tucker's Mom shared her birth story as follows, "I went in for my 37 week OB appointment, and my blood pressure spiked. Doctor decided to check my cervix, and I was dilated to a 3. She decided to strip my membranes then, and basically said, you're having a bay today! I was going to SLC for work that day, my husband yo Ogden, and before that, we were signing papers to refinance the house. We had to promise the OB to come right back to the hospital after signing the papers. While signing the papers,  it came out we were having a bay today, and all the sudden the guy helping us just started shoving papers in front of me as fast as he could, not wanting me to deliver there in his office. So my membranes were stripped at 9am, had my water manually broken at 3pm, and it still took to 2am the next morning for me to fully dilate and be ready to push. The nurse told us it would take 2-3 hours of pushing. 45 minutes later the nurse told me to stop pushing or else she would be catching the baby! The doctor was called in who showed up in 10 minutes, and 5 consecutive pushes later, Tucker was out! Being almost 3 weeks early, they anticipated some issues right after birth, but he came out perfect and I got to hold him. Few hours later though he ended up in the NICU anyway due to low blood sugar. He was a champ though, overcoming the sugar issues and also bilirubin issues, and came home with us a couple days later (on bili lights, but we were just thankful he was home!).

Thanks for letting me capture such special tender moments in time!