Dallinga Family {Logan UT Family Photographer}

What’s the most important picture you’ll have hanging over your mantle? A family photo! When you’re together all the time, it can be easy to forget just how special those pictures become, especially as your family grows up. It is so fun to look back at family pictures and remember how special that time was. A family session is always a great idea! The Dallinga family’s oldest son, Brady is leaving on a mission soon so they knew it was time to update their family photos. It can be hard to say goodbye to your child or sibling before they leave for two years so it’s nice to have some pictures to remind you of the relationship you share with them. We were going for a nice outdoorsy-woodsy feel for this session, so I took the Dallingas to Green Canyon. It really was the PERFECT backdrop, and the lighting was magical. Green Canyon is even super accessible from Logan, Utah so I love it for family sessions. I love being a Logan UT Family Photographer.

Session Photographed by Kristi Price Photography, Edited by Katie V. Photography.