Hawthorne Family {Logan, Utah Family Photographer}

This family. My gosh, this family has one of the sweetest bonds I have ever seen and felt. The love they have for each other was apparent when I was with them and is apparent in these photographs. Plus, they have the cutest story as well: Clint and Shaylen had an early morning calculus class together at a community college in California. Clint would "quietly" teach her how to play pool every morning at the institute building. They went to an Family Home Evening together and the rest was history. After getting married and graduating from BYU-Idaho, they moved back to California where they soon found out they would be expecting a little girl. Now they are here in Logan, Utah with their beautiful daughter, Emma. Clint went to school for graphic design and his dream was to start a t-shirt business- that's what they are pursuing right now and are loving it! Shaylen wanted her pictures to have meaning and "capture the magical moments." She wanted the beautiful quilt that her and her husband received on their wedding day, in the photos as well. Clint and Shaylen are a perfect example of what it takes to find happiness. It isn't always easy, in fact, all of us mamas know how difficult some days can be, but it is so worth it. I think it's sometimes difficult to remember the joyful times when life throws a curveball at you. Those are the times I look back at the memories, and carry on in the pursuit of happiness.