Kayli & Kory {Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer, First Look Session}

This blog is loaded! I am blogging Kayli and Kory's first look session with their wedding and reception, all in one post! We did them all at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, or very near to downtown Salt Lake. There were so many cute details at their wedding. Check out Kory's socks a few photos down. Also, Kayli's brother does 3-D printing and made their cake topper. It was a small figurine of them! Not a cute couple figurine, but it actually has their faces on it. Its them, and its pretty cool.  Kayli shared her side of their love story with me as follows,

"Our love story is kind of a crazy one, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Kory is 2 years older than me.  We both went to the same high school in a tiny town! We dated when I was a Sophomore and he was a Senior. I couldn't believe a super cute Senior superstar would even talk to me, I was head over heels.  We dated for a few months we were both still pretty immature, so it didn't end very well and we didn't talk for over 2 years.  I didn't really even want to talk to him again.  I told everyone that I was "so over him"  but deep down I knew I still had something for him. He served his mission in Farmington, New Mexico and returned home and I saw him around a few times but still didn't really talk to him.  I really felt like I should reach out to him and welcome him home, so of course I just messaged him. (I was a chicken and still didn't really want to talk to him because I knew those brown eyes would make me fall again) eventually we hung out and went snowboarding and just caught back up and laughed about how immature we were in high school.  He was so mature and kind, I wanted to be with him all the time.  We were basically inseparable- together every second we could be.  We went on a hike to Ensign Peak, it over looks the Salt Lake Temple, and that's when I really fell for him. The tough part was I had a mission call to Macon, Georgia and I only had 3 months before I left.  He wouldn't let me stay home so off to Georgia I went.  I am so grateful he pushed me to serve! My mission changed my life; I loved that he was willing to put things on hold to follow the Lord.  He wrote me hand written letters almost every week until I eventually wrote him off because I was having a hard time focusing and really felt like he needed to focus on dating other girls.  (toughest thing I have had to do)  I really didn't want him to get married while I was gone,  but I had to put God first and follow His timetable for my life.  Kory and I still talked a little bit over email.  I was so nervous to come home and see him again because I didn't know how it would end up.  I lost a lot of sleep over it. I came home and we went on a date the 3rd day I was home. I was so nervous!  Instantly, I just felt so comfortable around him and I really just couldn't imagine myself with anyone else.  We started dating again and he proposed 7 weeks after I got home, it was crazy fast. I am a little impatient, so I'm glad it happened so quickly! He is tall, dark, and handsome! Every girls dream.  I can't wait to be married to my best friend and better half!  June 27th can't come soon enough!"

I am so happy for you two and so excited that I was able to be a part of your amazing day!!

Thanks Kory & Kayli!!