Kendall Family {Preston Idaho Family Photographer}

I Love this family so much! They are literally the coolest and funnest family to hang out with. They laugh so much and do incredibly hilarious things.  You can tell by the photos that we were laughing the pretty much the whole time. 

Since this session last fall I have been able to capture their first grandbaby's newborn session which will be blogged soon.

Stephanie messaged me about this session and said she wanted to do them for her Mom for mothers day. She wanted to get new family photos for her Mom as well as get some photos of her Mom with her horses. 

I really wish more people would get photos doing the things they love, and not just with the people they love. They are both important, but usually photos are scheduled with the people we love, and less often doing the things we love. Honestly, I am just greatful to have people come to me wanting people, things and memories documented.