The Baby Cage {Personal Post}

Sunday's around our house we go to church, then come home and eat lunch followed by naps. But this last Sunday was a little different though, and I am REALLY sad about it. I am also really really happy abut it. Tyla is probably a baby genius, and Sunday basically confirmed it.

We tried a big girl bed when she was almost 2, but it ended really quickly because she would just get out of bed whenever she wanted. That is a problem because she normally naps for 2-3 hours, and that is my time to work, shower, clean, or maybe even sleep myself. So, after trying the toddler bed for one day, I immediately bought a baby tent for her crib, (I like to call it the crib cage) and as soon as it arrived we put it together and have had glorious naps ever since. She literally could not get out of it so she had no option but to nap. Plus, she is a really good napper. The crib cage is super safe, and meant to keep kids from climbing out of their cribs and getting hurt. They design them to keep toddlers from climbing out of bed and falling. So they are built baby proof.

So Sunday, I put her in her crib and zipped up the crib safety net, and then went to my room across the hall to have a Sunday nap. It was super quiet so I figured she just fell asleep like usual, and then..... I hear a door open. So I roll over wondering if my husband just came in and I see the door across the hall opened about 2-3 inches and a cute little Tyla eye peeking through the crack. 

I was incredibly surprised by this and not sure if I should get after her a tiny bit for climbing out when she should be napping, but honestly I was pretty stinkin proud of her. She just escaped out of a baby proof bed cage and somehow got to the ground without hurting herself and also opened her bedroom door ALL BY HERSELF, and without making a noise!

 I guess this means Tyla is no longer a baby toddler, or something. It just feels like she graduated and is too big for the baby stuff now. I am really sad because nap time is probably over for both of us and that is literally my sacred time during the day. It also means things around our house have to change because she is growing up so much! I am probably going to have to start waking up earlier to work and shower. I am not a morning person. 

Honestly though, I am grateful for her little smarty pants, who has been mostly potty trained for about 2 months, because now, I get to grow my Mommin skills, and time management skills, and other things along with her.

So I am not going to be mad, or upset at all. Just happy and proud of her and every change she brings to our lives.

I am sure you are wondering how I got the pictures of her escaping? After she opened the door and surprised me, I grabbed my camera and bribed her into showing me how she escaped, so I could document it. I think she was proud of herself and kinda excited to show me how smart she is, judging by her pose and smile at the end. 

Also, for those of you are judging me for putting photos of my kid in her underwear online... stop. This was a big moment for us and I wanted to document it. There was no time to fully dress her. Plus, this is #real life and #real moments, and I don't have time for posed here in our real life.