Newborn Baby Boy {Cache Valley Newborn Photographer}

Cute Beau surprised his parents and their doctor by coming just a little bit ahead of schedule! His parents and the doctor had scheduled a C-section for Thursday afternoon, but Beau had other plans and arrived that morning. Of course, his family didn’t mind his early arrival. Even before he was born, Beau has been surrounded by love and attention from his parents and extended family. You can really see how adored Beau is from the details in his newborn shoot. His parents could not stop smiling when they looked at him, and I could not help but take a MILLION pictures. There were so many sweet moments! His parents are both from an agricultural background, which made this country-style newborn session so special. Friends and family made a lot of the props in Beau’s session especially for him. Beau is such a tiny baby that I was relieved when his chicken hat fit right! It was something Mom and Dad just loved, and I was happy to worked out so well. The chicken hat made a cute addition to this country shoot. I was so excited to be able to capture a little bit of everything in this newborn session. There were cool props that really showed off mom and dad’s personalities, an adorable baby, and so so so much love. My favorite part of these kinds of sessions is seeing new families being together, getting to capture some of the first moments of motherhood and fatherhood. That’s one of the best things about being a Cache Valley Newborn Photographer – Cache Valley has a LOT of amazing families to work with.