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Sisters Newborn Session {Grace Idaho Newborn Photographer}

These beautiful girls are my nieces! They were so excited to get a new baby sister. They were so excited to be there for photos with their new baby sister in their new dresses. They all have beautiful blue eyes just like their parents. Lets just talk about Baby Ruth's Mom though. She is basically a super human. She had Baby Ruth at home with no help!!

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Plaid Newborn Girl Session {Newborn Photography}

I loved loved loved the plaid that Mom brought for baby girls session. I also adored the colors they picked to wear, and on top of that I am super jealous of how gorgeous her mama's hair is! I am super happy to be able to share this birth session because of how real and raw it is. I know most every birth session I post is all sunshine and happy vibes, but for a lot of women, myself included, its not always just happiness. There is a lot of pain,

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Bexlee {Ogden Utah Family Newborn Photography}

This little family is soo strong. The same week Bexlee was born her dad was at a team roping, and had a quick run, where he lost his thumb. He got out of the hospital just in time to be home for a day or two before he was back at the hospital with is wife to welcome their first baby to their family.

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Pink Roses Newborn Session {Logan Utah Newborn Photographer}

This little lady is a gem. She is so sweet and has the cutest little sleepy smiles. Mom brought some beautiful roses and they fit perfectly. Here is baby girls birth story as told by her Mom.

"Early morning on Oct. 26, I felt regular contractions that weren't going away. So, we went into labor and delivery to get checked out. They watched me for an hour and since I wasn't progressing (dilating any more) they sent me home....

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Baby Aybree {Logan Utah Studio Newborn Photographer}

I am only about a year late on posting these photos, because.. friends, I was busy this time last year. So, to celebrate this little lady turning one year old in 2 days, we are posting her newborn photos this week. She was born at Logan Regional Hospital in Cache Valley Utah. She is named after her uncle Abram. Here is what her mom said about her original birthday last year. 

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