Huxtyn Baby {Logan, Utah Newborn Photographer}

I am SO lucky to have such amazing clients! My friend Jessica is always on top of her game getting her children's pictures updated. Well a new update was needed because Jessica just had a dreamy baby boy! This is Huxton Clyde- the newest cowboy added to the Noble family. Huxton came about two weeks ago, 12 days early! Jessica came with loads of ideas for this session. (I mean, she always does.) Being a Noble, Huxton had to have the saddle, the rope, the John Deer, and the brilliant October leaves. Huxton slept the whole time, and his brother, the famous Tyden, was so eager to be apart of the shoot.  You can probably tell by the pics thatTyden is so in love with his baby brother. Guys, seriously, I am so happy to have this amazing family to work with. It has been so fun to see their small family grow, and I am beyond excited to continue to get to work with them!