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As a Katie V. family client, your photo experience will be nothing like a typical session experience. I have been shooting for over 7 years and I know how a lot of sessions go for some families. Heck, its stressful just thinking about family photos right? How to get everyone's schedules to match up, what to wear, nap times, snacks and perfect obedience right?? I tend to take the more relaxed feel to family photos. I like to cater to your needs and wants during a session, but I dont expect perfection from my clients or their children. I love love love children because they are goofy one minute and serious the next. I try to be ready at all times and capture the emotions they feel. 

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Want playful sincere moments captured?

Fan-Freakin-tastic! Seriously, we love the sincere, real, and genuine stuff. Lets be goofy, dance, and snuggle. Sometimes we just capture the moments when you're admiring your beautiful family, and others will be packed with excitement and laughter. But these moments are the photos that capture personalities and silly faces. They are photos of real people in real moments!

Like posed photos?

Great! We will do our best to get those shots that Grandma will hang on her wall, but lets be honest, Sometimes the babies and kids dont want to cooperate. So... we do our best to get the poses. We sometimes get candy out (if thats Mom nursing, great)  we will play some games, or we will take a break to hopefully get their attention and then do our best to capture those genuine smiles.

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We LOVE shooting Newborn sessions. Babies are soo cute, even if they aren't smiling. We tend to take a very relaxed feel to newborn sessions.We dont rush, and we are very careful with each baby. We like to keep a simple pose and simple background because we feel babies look best when posed to look like a normal baby. Also, being a nurse, Katie makes sure every baby feels safe, and comfortable. If baby is not comfortable we do not force babies into any poses.

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