So one day, I was sitting there scrolling through social media, then editing photos, then writing blogs, and reading blogs, and honestly, it was making me angry inside. I was getting angry about how my work wasnt as good as someone who just started, or angry because how people only show the good, and never the bad. People now days are trying to find any form of fame, wether its by stealing credit or not giving it, or even creating something that isnt real, just to be noticed and applauded. I want my website and what I share to be real. 

So with that, I give you real.

Real raw photos that I have taken. Guys, they are not good, but I have taken them. I am taking responsibility for the things I do that are not perfect and showing them to the world. I am like every other photographer out there who loves to share our best work, and not spend another minute on the ones we are not proud of. 

These images are where I learn though. I learn from the good AND THE BAD. 

If you're a photographer, a parent, a person...

I dare you to be real, and not just the good real, the bad real too. 

SHARE THE REAL things in this life, so others can learn and be inspired.