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Family Sessions

As a Katie V. family client, your photo experience will be nothing like a typical session experience. I have been shooting for over 7 years and I know how a lot of sessions go for some families. Heck, its stressful just thinking about family photos right? How to get everyone's schedules to match up, what to wear, nap times, snacks and perfect obedience right?? I tend to take the more relaxed feel to family photos. I like to cater to your needs and wants during a session, but I dont expect perfection from my clients or their children. I love love love children because they are goofy one minute and serious the next. I try to be ready at all times and capture the emotions they feel. 

Newborn Sessions

We LOVE shooting Newborn sessions. Babies are soo cute, even if they aren't smiling. We tend to take a very relaxed feel to newborn sessions.We dont rush, and we are very careful with each baby. We like to keep a simple pose and simple background because we feel babies look best when posed to look like a normal baby. Also, being a nurse, Katie makes sure every baby feels safe, and comfortable. If baby is not comfortable we do not force babies into any poses.

Wedding Sessions

This is the session where it all starts! There is so much love and emotion in this day that we try not to interupt too much. We want your day to be about you, and less about everyone else, including the photographer. We prepare you beforehand to be ready for your big day, so that it will run a lot more smoothly and give you peace of mind, knowing your day will be amazing no matter what happens!

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BIrth Story/ Maternity Sessions

If you think there is love on a wedding day, just wait till you arrive at the moment your life will literally and in every way, never be the same. The emotion felt when a child is born is something that is incredibly difficult to put into words. Its a very special, personal and sacred moment for you and your spouse. I do my best to capture the emotions, without you even knowing I am there. 

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Portrait Sessions

Did you get a new job, need a new head shot? Maybe your graduating and need senior photos. Maybe you just haven't had your photos taken for awhile, now is the time! We have a ton of fun with these sessions and its your time to shine!!  

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Child Sessions

Let me capture photos of your little ones! Kids grow up too fast. Bring in your child’s favorite toy or book I will bring out their unique personality and capture the true spirit of your child. No fake smiles! Alone or with their siblings, I am an experienced child photographer and know how to work with kids of all ages. Whether it’s your child’s first birthday, first communion or Quinceanera, I am here to capture your kid’s portraits to cherish and share. 



I have recently started shooting video because I felt like although photos capture memories, they cant capture someones voice, the sound of a baby's heart beat, or the sounds of love. It makes me so happy to see clients be able to re-live the moments that mean so much in their lives