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Katie VanDyke

I started this photography journey in 2005 when I "borrowed" my mom’s nice camera as I left for my first semester at college. Don’t worry I gave it back to her after the semester was over. :) I took a beginners photography class at some point and ended up taking pictures for the university newspaper. I also did some freelance on the side.

Since 2005 I have dabbled in photography and I hope to continue learning and growing until this year when it has become my main source of income. #biggoalsachieved

Some of the things I love to photograph are small families, anyone with a horse, people with hobbies & unique characteristics, and children.

I am a country girl by heart but since I've met my other half, I have become a city girl by location. I love to see new places and I hope to go to Italy one day. I am a lover of light, mountains, anything pretty, genuine real honest people, no fluff conversations and my quiet time.

I love to spend time with my incredibly handsome husband hunting and learning with my unbelievably sweet little girl, as well as make crafts and food experiments.

I would love to capture genuine real moments for you!

Katie is booking full sessions for 2018 and 2019