Photographer problems

Just wanted to share a photographer problem that I have never encountered until this month... I'll call it  "what happened to the photographer after the wedding" .

During the wedding I was shooting at the Mt. Timpinogas temple my eye started watering non-stop and I thought it was just from being out in the wind and squinting with my one eye only to look through the camera. Not to mention its not really that odd for only one of my eyes to water.

Anyway, SIX days later its still watering and my right eyelid and right side of my nose are Rudolph red and a little raw from wiping tears off constantly, and my eye and nose were really starting to hurt! I have never had sinus problems or allergies, and because I am pregnant I didn't want to take any medications for it.

After six days I finally  called the regular doctor, who told me I needed to see and eye doctor. So I called the eye doctor and no surprise,... he told me to go to the regular doctor.


This was on day 3. I cant get the guts to post day 6 picture of my face. My camera phone doesn't help either

So what did I do?? I didnt go to either one of them. I called my sister in law to come a do a foot zone because I was pretty sure my tear duct was blocked and neither of the doctors were going to take the time to figure it out.

Next day, it was fixed. My eye had stopped watering and my nose wasnt hurting anymore. So to anyone who doesnt want to pay a doctor to tell you to go somewhere else try my sister in law if you have a blocked tear duct. It was a huge relief to be able to wear make up again, as well as be able to see through the eye you use to take photos with.  

Dezi does more than foot zones but if you have questions you can find her facebook page here

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