Pregnancy Update... 36 weeks

I am making myself vulnerable today. Enjoy. 

Pregnancy is hard. Not for everyone, but for me. Some definitely have it harder than I do, but since this is my blog, I can say what I want about my own being pregnant. Its hard. I don't like the way I look or feel. Sure its cool to feel a foot rub across your belly from the inside, but honestly its kind of really weird to me. I am 36 weeks now, and I am still not used to it.  

As far as healthiness during pregnancy goes, I haven't had it too bad when compared to others who end up in the hospital within the first few weeks. None the less, I threw up almost everyday several times a day until about the week of Christmas, which was 20 weeks. Prenatal pills were created by the devil I am pretty sure, because every time I took them, I was in the bathroom 5 minutes later puking them back up. They really don't taste very good going down, but the best way to describe how they taste coming back up, well, it was like  rotted fish with sour moldy algae. Yea, makes you want to puke right?? Anyway, we survived! 

Second Trimester was pretty smooth. I was a little anxious about getting bigger since I have always been really pretty small, but now, I feel huge. Mostly because I have only 1 pair of pants that I can actually button up. A whole closet full of clothes and I cant wear even 2% of them.  So what do I wear then?  I wear scrubs to work everyday. Thank goodness for that!!

Third Trimester I have mostly just been tired. My Mental capacity has increased, but my physical capacity has declined a bunch. I sleep a lot, and I don't have much energy. I think it might have something to do with being pregnant but it might also have to do with this cough that I have had for three weeks now. My ribs and stomach are tired and sore from coughing so much. (Don't worry, I am going to the doctor tomorrow.) Oh, and I now know what it feels like to cough so hard you wet your pants, and throw up at the same time. 

So how am I surviving this miracle called pregnancy? (Deep down I really do know its a miracle how it all happens, and the fact that there is another human being inside of me, and I haven't died yet. Its a miracle. God is pretty amazing!) A few things are getting me through....

This man! He is pretty amazing. He is sweet and kind, and sympathetic and I probably would have quit without him. Photo credit :  Lindsey Fronk  

This man! He is pretty amazing. He is sweet and kind, and sympathetic and I probably would have quit without him. Photo credit : Lindsey Fronk 

So here is the vulnerable side of me. I didnt like to post photos of myself even before I was pregnant, but my sweet husband talked me into having maternity photos taken. (Which proves how sweet he really is.) I actually love how they turned out. 

My friend Lindsey found a cute little orchard that was starting to bloom, and it even had some sheep there. It was perfect and the pictures are too! Also, Jade Parkinson did my hair and makeup that day, and it turned out perfect too!

Also, to everyone who has came to a baby shower, or to a pregnancy class with me, or to my house to help out... You are ANGELS!! I am so grateful for you all!!

26 more days to go!!!

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