Billie and Kolton {Malad Idaho Wedding Photographer}

I am so happy they are married! Seriously, soooo happy. This wedding was extra special for a few reasons. Its my baby sisters wedding, but it was also the one that I was pretty stressed out about. I felt like the wedding planner, decorator, nail tech, wedding dress hunter, bridal consultant, photographer, bridesmaid ect. ... It really takes a lot to do a wedding, and this one was no different. Although I felt like I was doing a lot, there were sooo many people on both sides of the families that helped sooo much! Bride and Grooms rings were custom made by my older sister Annie at Silver Dust Engraving. Billie purchased her dress at the Deseret Industries. Sooo cool right! Its gorgeous and it fit her perfectly! The location was amazing! It was a friend of the mother of the bride who owned the property and I think if I ever get the chance to buy it, I probably would! There were so many old cabins and cool vintage things, I was in love! The groom made the boxes for the smo're bar, as well as the fire barrels. The fire barrels are old washing machine drums, and they turned out great! The cake was made by the Bride's Mother. She also sewed all of the ties, and made the garter and bouquet as well! The arch was made by another sister, Abigail.  Wedding decorations were placed by sisters, mothers and friends. Videography was done by my Brother and the Groom's Friend. Dinner after the ceremony was dutch oven chicken and potatoes made by the grooms family. The officiant for the ceremony was Billie's Uncle. I for one am grateful for everyones help to put together a wedding for Billie and Kolton. It turned out pretty perfect if you ask me. I am grateful I was able to help so much, but I am also grateful its over. Its so much easier wearing only the hat of photographer at most of the the weddings I attend. Love you two!!