Elli & Austin {Salt Lake City Temple Formal Session, Logan Utah Photographer}

Talk about a model couple right here. How did I get so lucky? These two are amazing and so perfect for each other. Super chill, down to earth, so sweet and obviously, a ridiculously good looking couple. We started with a first look on temple square which was so cute!  They both almost started crying. It was adorable. Here is their love story from Elli's perspective.

"Austin and I met at Utah State University last winter. We were good mutual friends throughout the semester. Austin finally asked my out at the end of the semester and I was kind of reluctant to go out with him because I was worried that if anything went wrong I would lose all my friends. I said yes to the first date anyways because he was so cute and who would say no to those big brown eyes?
From there we kept dating and getting to know each other. Poor Austin had to deal with my lack of commitment since he wanted to make things official a lot sooner and I was all about the single life. He finally won me over and we became "official" in June. 
Stepping into a relationship was something that still was rather terrifying for me. I stressed that things weren't going to work out because eventually he would come to see my flaws and realize that he was going to be way in over his head with me. But as the relationship progressed, he was always so patient with me and I loved that he was such a solid person. Austin would always let me get all my anxieties and stresses out and just laugh and say that things were fine and not to worry so much. I loved that about him. I love that he had goals and dreams but at the same time always made me a priority. The summer was hard because we both were working full time. He lived in Logan and I lived in Kamas (a two hour drive between the two cities) but Austin was good at making sure we made time in our schedules to go and do something fun or just hang out with my family or his. 
Once school started again and I was back in Logan everything just seemed to fall into place. Austin is so amazing because he is so kind and so easy to be around and our friendship just keeps getting better and better. Deciding to get engaged and married was the easy part, the hardest part has been trying to plan a wedding! 
So there you have it, our love story from my perspective :) I am so excited to be marrying Austin."

So cute right! I cant wait for their wedding day in a few weeks!