Tyla turned 1 Year old! ... part one

My beautiful happy baby girl turned ONE! I wasn't super emotional about it until I sat down to write this blog post. I cant believe it has already been a whole year! To celebrate we invited friends and family over for a small fiesta since she was born on Cinco De Mayo. We had a few cakes made for her, and had a great taco bar for everyone. Prior to the party we did a few one year old photos. The reason we had a few cakes was because we needed one to do a cake smash in front of everyone at the party, as well as one for everyone to eat, and then one for a cake smash for photos in the studio. So, after not having hardly any sugar in the past year, we may have over done the sugar all at one time, and like most all kids, she likes sugar.

Anyway, she is walking a tiny bit. She will stand up on her own, take a few steps and then sit down, or grab your hands a take off as fast as she can. She is great at cheezing and is starting to make animal sounds. She can say "woof" like a dog, but the W is silent, so its mostly just air that comes out. She still loves little kids to play with her. She loved having all of her cousins and friends over for her birthday. While they were all running around popping bubbles in the back yard, Tyla was squealing!! Cutest thing ever!

Here are a few of her one year photos!