Hannah & Saj {Logan Utah Riter Mansion Wedding Photographer}

I was so excited when Hannah and Saj informed me their wedding was going to be at the Riter Mansion because it was sort of a secret goal of mine to finally have a client hold their wedding there. I have shot there before, but not a full wedding from beginning to end, engagements to reception. I told another photographer once that I wasnt a good enough photographer yet to get clients who book the Riter Mansion for their events. To be honest, at the time, I was a little afraid of shooting indoors. So since then, I have made it a priority to work on my indoor shooting skills. Hannah and Saj are AMAZING! I love their personalities and style. They have so much class! Their families were amazing too. Their families flew in from Kuwait, Dubai, Boston, Hawaii, and so many other places to come and support them. I was totally feeling the love everyone had for them.  There were so many personal touches to their wedding day. They had everyone sign a globe at the reception table instead of a book. This was PERFECT for their wedding because of how many people had traveled so far for their big day.  They each had written cute little love letters to each other before the ceremony. Hannah wrote hers when she was a young girl to her future husband. Hannah's sisters made the cake which also turned out super cute. Other Vendors are listed below. Thanks Hannah and Saj! Cant wait for your post wedding formal session! 

Wedding Gown- Marys Bridal in SLC

Catering- Iron Gate Catering

Flowers- Lees Marketplace

Hair- personal friend Helaman Paradera 

Makeup- Sister Rachel Butler and friend Taylor Zundel

Henna- Sarah Khan (Saj's mom)