Photo Native {Photography Inspiration Conference}

Hey Everyone! So Saturday evening I returned to Logan from an amazing photo conference in Provo. Its called Photo Native. It was the first one I have ever been to and I am officially addicted already. I think I want to go to ALL the conferences now. They make you feel so inspired and capable, which is a pretty important thing to feel in this business. It gets overwhelming, and stressful and sometimes people really dont take our little business as seriously as we do, so it was amazing to be surrounded by so many people who know exactly what we feel on a regular basis.

I learned some new creative tips, some business tricks, and lots of soul searching thoughts that will help me and my business grow. I hope to be able to shoot more consistently and be more available to everyone around me. 

To start off with, I will be making a change in social media, and how I connect with clients. For those of you who have been my clients in the past, I plan to give you first option at all of my bookings, and I am going to do that by implementing emails instead of social media. I communicate so much more effectively on email than I ever do on social media anyway.

There may be a few growing pains as I make these adjustments, but really, I am not scared. No pain, no gain right!? 

While at Photo Native, I was able to shoot with Angie Monson, and I LOVED her studio. The little model family was perfect and so willing to let 10 photographers take pictures of them at once. Anyway, it was perfect light, perfect style, perfect everything.