Dax and Taylor {Utah Maternity Photographer}

Everybody STOP! Take a moment to gape at how RADIANT Mrs. Taylor looks being 8 months pregnant. The pregnancy glow is a real thing, y'all. Dax and Taylor have been married for over 2 years and are now finally expecting a baby *drumroll, please*...GIRL! This young couple has the sweetest country love story. They met through rodeoing while Taylor was a senior in high school. They dated for several years before tying the knot and now continue to enjoy rodeos, the country, and making a life together in Ogden, Utah. We chose to do the shoot in Richmond, Utah out in the country, of course. Funny story: Dax was so nervous to touch Taylor's belly because the baby moves and kicks so much! We made it work- the session was a complete success. (Seriously, I had such a hard time deciding what photos to post.) All of you mamas out there can surely remember your first pregnancy and the anticipation of waiting to meet your little person. This is such a unique time in life for Taylor and Dax, and I am so glad I got to capture their tender moments.