All Boy Family Gets a Baby Girl {Logan Utah Family Photographer, Logan Utah Newborn Photographer}

How cute is this little family!? I am blessed enough to be able to call the beautiful Momma that started all of this my best friend. We hardly ever hang out because we live 2 hours apart, but you can bet that she will be the only person I can count on to call and check on me every couple weeks. She is the person I can count on to not sugar coat what really needs to be said, and she has enough confidence in me and herself to allow  me to also say what needs to be said without getting offended. Everyone needs a friend like her. She has always been a boy mom and loved being the lady of the house, but like most ladies, she thought it might be kinda fun to have a daughter.

I dont know if I should say this on the blog because I am not actually sure her husband knows, so Kade, I am sorry in advance.... but, I was the first person she told when she accidentally thought she found out she was possibly having a girl.

She called me one day and I thought she was running or something because she was hyperventilating. She said, "I am having a panic attack. I'm having a hard time breathing. I think I accidentally just found out my baby might be a girl.!!! I am not supposed to know this, I am not even sure its accurate. Kade is gonna freak out!"

I was like, "Wait, what? That's awesome, but how did you find out and Kade not know, and how are you not sure?"

Long story short, she was reading her medical records online after her ultrasound, and somewhere on the ultrasound report the doctor stated the parents did not want to know the gender of the baby, but had put in parenthesis "female" after that.

So basically, she knew but was in total denial. I was just crazy excited for her, even though I had no idea how she was going to explain this to her husband. Judging by the way he looks at this baby girl, I think everything ended up great, and there are no hard feelings there.

When we had talked about newborn photos, there was only one she really wanted, and that was the one picture that reads, "Dont Mess With Her", signs held by all of her older brothers. Which, by the way, they are just as smitten by her as their father.

It totally melts my heart to see how much love can come from so many wonderful little men!

Also, Happy Birthday today Shancy!!