Logan Utah Wedding Photographer {Haylee +Trent}

These two are so much fun. Trent was so excited to see Haylee, and we kinda drug it out during the first look session. The first picture was taken, but he still hadn't turned around to see her so when he finally got to turn around, he almost immediately gave her a big hug! It was the cutest thing ever. Kisses are good, but hugs are better! 

These two are from Idaho. They met started dating when Haylee was a Junior in High School. After high school she moved to Twin Falls to go to college at College of Southern Idaho (CSI), and 4 months later he moved to Twin Falls to be closer to her. They have been together 4 about 4 years now, and as of 7-15-17, they have eternity to go! 

Thanks so much for letting ma capture such special moments for you two!!

I have started working on Videography, their video is my first, so don't judge to harshly. Feel free to check it out here.