Summer 2018 {Personal Post}

I am not quite sure the purpose for this post, but today I am bored. I havent been bored since the beginning of last year. Since December of 2017, we have had a crazy ride. We found out we were pregnant at the beginning of the 2018, only to miscarry in March. We were so excited, and had lots of spiritual moments with Tyla and the baby. Then we found out my older sister was pregnant and due about two weeks after me. So when we miscarried, it was a little rough to say the least. We decided to try again right away, and also lost that baby in June. I was REALLY struggling with where we were in life and was really needing a change of literally any kind. The change came in the form of renting out our house randomly for a month and living in a camper. It was the BEST thing we have ever done as a family. We traveled all over Utah, Idaho and Montana visiting our family. I was so surprised at how much I love the simple life, that I think we might do it every summer as soon as we buy a camper that is. Tyla loved it and it was sooo good for her to be outside and with people and exploring new things. About mid July we made the decision to move in with my Grandmother for the month of August to help care for her because we had already moved out of our home and were in the perfect place to be able to. Because of all of the unexpected changes to life and stress of running a business and trying to remain physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy, I really stepped back from my photography business. Its not because I wanted to, but its what my family, my health and my relationships really needed. Its not what I had planned at all, in-fact, I had hoped to grow my photography team, and hire additional assistants, but I have come to learn, its not my plan that matters, its really up to God in most every moment. I have still tried to cover all of the sessions I already had booked, but I haven’t really taken on any new sessions in the last few months.

I have also had a “dumb” phone since June 2018, and it makes it a little harder to text people back. I want to have moments with my family, more than the stress of trying to keep up with everything and everyone. So while I still have lots of sessions to blog and post they will probably be really slow coming out. After taking a social media break a few times last year, I know its necessary to my creative growth and spiritual energy, to keep my social media to a minimum level. I plan to mainly use this blog and website for showcasing my work and keep everyone updated on whats going on. It wont be consistant, or even regular, but thats real life, so feel free to follow along if you want.

Here are some photos from the time we spent in Montana. I would highly recommend Montana for a family vacation, especially if you like early settlers/miners history. One of the old towns we visited Bannack State Park has a celebration in July and we want to go to it this year. It was a blast!