Coming January 2017 {Logan Utah Maternity Photographer, Outdoor Winter Maternity Session}

Carrie and Mike are going to be amazing parents. When we were shooting their session, their youngest dog decided to "go exploring" and these guys almost froze their fingers off trying to find him. It was really cute, although I felt bad that it was so cold that day. Despite the adventurous puppy, and the chilly weather, they had a great attitude and happy faces the whole time! Carrie and Mike met each other on the west side of Michigan. They were tired of the midwest and wanted to try something new so they moved out to Utah for the skiing/snowboarding and for the mountains. They planned the session perfectly for the first snow of the year. It worked out amazing because they both love Skiing and snowboarding and really wanted a cute announcement photo with baby skiing boots.  #answeredprayers

Thanks Carrie and Mike! Cant wait to meet your little one!!