Oneida County Fair Family Fun Rodeo {Idaho Rodeo Photographer}

If you couldn't already tell, I love Idaho. Utah is cool too, but Idaho has my heart I think. I was able to go to my hometown fair this last week in Malad Idaho for a couple of days. The best parts of fair week for me was the family fun rodeo. Its really fun to participate in and just as fun for those watching. Its not your typical rodeo, because if it was, I wouldn't be blogging about it. :)  The event names speak for themselves. Horse Race, Hyde Race, Ribbon Race, Wild Cow Milking, Money Goat Chase, Wild Cow Riding, Stock Saddle Bronc Riding,  Bull Fight for $100, and Motorcycle Barrel Races. Its a great time every year we go, and there is probably an event for everyone in the family to enter. We had a few winners from my family. My husband did an excellent job of pulling a ribbon off a calf, and getting kicked in the shin while he was at it. I am quite certain its the fastest I have ever seen him run actually.  At the bottom of this post are a few pictures of the rest of the fair week. I entered a few photos into the fair. I have never ever entered one of my photos into a contest and I did alright for a landscape shot I think. My niece Oaklie won Grand Champion lamb showmanship and it was fun watching her rock. They also had a junior rodeo with really fun events as well.