Kimmi & Firebolt {Logan Utah Horse Photographer}

This session was a little bitter sweet for me. This is Kimmi and Firebolt. Firebolt is Kimmi's first horse. She has been riding him for a little over 2 years and been showing in local horse shows where "she does amazing things", according to her dad. Firebolt has the funnest personality. I pretty sure Kimmi has been teaching him english because I am pretty certain he understood everything I would say. .... "Turn your head a little towards me" and both Kimmi and Firebolt would turn their heads. It happened a few times during the session and it kept us both laughing. 

Recently they found out that Firebolt has a genetic condition where the outer layer of skin separates from the dermis. Its called HERDA. Because it causes the skin on a horse's back to separate, lift off and even tear away when the horse carries a saddle or suffers a skin trauma, the horse becomes difficult to ride after awhile. Right now there is no cure, so Firebolt and Kimmi will have much less riding time together in the future. This is not something any girl wants to hear about her first horse. Its hard news. Kimmi's Mom decided that because they were unsure of how much longer they would get to keep Firebolt, she felt like Kimmi needed to get some photos taken with Firebolt. I could not have agreed more. I actually wish I had more photos of my two horses that were my two best friends. You never really know how much you miss them until they are gone, and then you have to hang on to everything you can to remember them. This is why I am SOOO glad Kimmi will have these photos for a long time!