Baby Charlotte { Logan Utah Newborn Photographer}

This adorable little girl was born on Pioneer Day. Her mom is AMAZING! I love her good attitude and positive vibes she sends to everyone. 

Charlotte's Grandma had flown in from California a week early because they all expected Charlotte to make an early entrance... But while they hiked, swam, and went on too many adventures to count, Charlotte stayed nice and cozy right where she was. Grandma ended up extending her trip but just a few days and when it seemed like Charlotte still wouldn't be here, and that the doctor would be gone unless they induced labor, Mom had a little bit of a breakdown. Dad helped Mom through that and she was able to fall asleep that night at peace. Then...she woke up a few hours later from contractions....They got to the hospital by 430am and had Charlotte during the sunrise at 653am... Labor was fast, unmedicated, and intense. Mom pushed for over thirty minutes because Charlotte presented posterior, which makes coming through the birth canal a bit tricky... But she came into the world peaceful, with just a few short wails and then was calm as could be as Mom and Dad snuggled her for the first time.