Aubrey and Britt {Ogden Utah Temple Wedding}

This post is a little bitter sweet, and for a reason only a photographer might understand. I have photographed the last 3 weddings for this family, and I am so happy all of the kids are married, but so sad that there are not anymore getting married.

 Britt and Aubrey are amazing. They were married at the Ogden Utah Temple. The weather in Ogden was the warmest it has been in the last 5 months probably. It was really nice to not be freezing while shooting a wedding.

I seriously cannot say enough about how great these guys are. It is amazing to leave a session feeling inspired by the time I spent with my clients, and every time I have been around these two, or their families, I feel great! They are a dream to photograph and work with! They are thoughtful, encouraging, kind and have such great attitudes about just about everything. They are great at making others feel loved and welcome. Just warm and kind to everyone. 

Thanks Aubrey and Britt (and family) for letting me be a part of your big day, but also for your great examples!