Baby Livvy {Logan Utah Newborn Photographer}

She slept the ENTIRE session and it was a dream. I also really love it when my clients bring things to add to the session. Her Dad and Mom really love popcorn, so they popped two bags of popcorn, and bought a movie bucket, along with some M&M's to bring for photo props. Then Livvy's Mom really loves shoes, hats and foxes so they brought some shoes, a hat and two stuffed foxes, along with a few other stuffed animals to use in the photos. Props don't always workout, but when they do, its usually pretty cute. The shoes and hat were a little too big for Livvy, so we only just used one pair of shoes, but the rest of the props were perfect for her session. It makes the photos, more about them and what they like, and less about just getting a photo of a baby.