Amira {Cache Valley High School Senior Photographer}

Lights, camera, action! Look at this beauty, everybody. Amira is a high school senior from Newton, Utah. She is so excited to graduate (finally) and move on to fulfill her dreams. Amira loves theater and after her senior year is finished, will continue on to become a theater technician. (Thus the varsity theater jacket.) For her session, Amira wanted the gorgeous fall leaves as a backdrop which was perfect because the colors completely complimented her strawberry-blonde hair. I love having the opportunity to work with these young people who have so much life ahead of them. These relationships I develop with my clients are incredibly meaningful to me. Whether it's graduating high school or college, getting married, having a baby, or whatever stage of life they're in, I always want to stay in touch and help capture those moments on camera. Everyone deserves to be remembered. Everyone deserves to have a memory they can hold. I am beyond blessed and honored to be the one to deliver those captured memories.